Before starting to know about the patent act and its various amendments let us first get familiar with few terminology. We will be using these terminology quite often in our discussion. here are few of them with their detail description.

  • “Appellate Board” means the Appellate Board referred to in section 116;
  • “assignee” includes an assignee of the assignee and the legal representative of a deceased assignee and references to the assignee of any person include references to the assignee of the legal representative or assignee of that person;
  • “Budapest Treaty” means the Budapest Treaty on the International Recognition of the Deposit of Micro-organisms for the purposes of Patent Procedure done at Budapest on 28th day of April, 1977, as amended and modified from time to time;
  • “Capable of industrial application”, in relation to yo an invention means that the invention is capable of being made or used in industry;
  • “Controller” means the controller general of patents, Design and trade marks referred to in section 73;
  • “convention application” means an application for a patent made by virtue od section 135;
  • “convention country” means a country or a country which is member of a group of countries or a union of countries or an inter-governmental organisation referred to as a convention country in section 133;
  •  “district court” has a meaning assigned to that expression by the code of civil procedure, 1908 (5 of 1908);
  • “exclusive licence” means a licence from a patentee which confers on licensee, on the licensee and persons authorised by him, to the exclusion of all other persons (including the patentee), any right in respect of the patented invention and exclusive licensee shall be constructed accordingly.

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