Here are few question asked to me during interview in 2013

This year i appeared for patent agent examination. I would like to post some of question asked to me during interview.

hoping this might help future aspirants.

Interview panel -“Tell me about yourself.”

Me- “My name is chaitanya. I am electronics and telecommunication engineer with a certification in embedded system design. I am presently working with Ubitech systems in pune as an embedded design engineer.  ”

Interview panel-” Why do you want to be a patent agent?”

Me-“Someday i want to file a patent for my self .”

Interview panel-” For that you don’t have to be a patent agent you can file a patent for yourself even without being a patent agent.”

Me-” Yes sir there is a provision for this in patent act. I studied patent act thoroughly and i gave this exam just to check my knowledge of patent act.

Interview panel-” So tell me what are not patent-able according to Indian patent act ?”

Me- ” Section 3 and Section 4 gives us clear ideas as to what are not patent-able in India . To list a few i would say

traditional knowledge, soft wares as it is, IC topology ,invention relating to atomic energy are not patent-able”

Interview panel-” Why soft wares are not patent-able ?”

Me- ” As i think soft wares are written and anything written or drawn falls into artistic category and according to patent act any artistic forms are not patent-able. there can be another logic to this also. Soft wares are basically implementation of mathematical formulas which are previously known and any traditional knowledge are not patent-able.”

Interview panel-“If soft wares are not patent-able then how can you protect it ?”

Me-” I can protect it by implementing it on a hardware to form a system then that system along with software can be easily patented. Otherwise i can go for copyright.”

Interview panel-“why software is patent-able in USA?”

Me- ” i have not read US patent act so i am not in position to answer this ”

Interview panel- “Can you file a patent for RTOS kernel?”

Me- “no”

Interview panel-“Can you file patent for library function ?”

Me- “No”

Friends these were few questions (which i can still remember ) asked to me during my interview.

P.S. = I have posted the answers given by me and i can’t guarantee that all my answers are correct.

please comment if you feel my answers are wrong, with correct answers and justification.

happy to help


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