I am an engineering graduate trying to make big. In this context i am preparing for the patent agent exam.

For being a patent agent in india one must have a sound knowledge of patent acts 1970 and rules. I and all other patent agent aspirant are trying very hard to read and understand the patent act. I must say though, it is tough for a science graduate like me to understand those legal terminology. In the process of reading i tried searching for available online resources (free ones of course ) but  sadly there isn’t much resources available. I guess lawyers in india are yet to exploit the power of world wide web.

So finally i decided to make one available for all. The sole view of this blog is that whatever difficulty i went through while studying, other should not have to go trough the same. Here is this blog as a gesture to my fellow aspirant.

Any input from readers will be much appreciated .


Reach me @ : aelien@outlook.com


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